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Indonesia's First Cyber Defense Community
What we do
We do a lot of activity to support our members and Indonesia's cybersecurity ecosystem
Cyber Defense Indonesia (CDEF - pronounce 'sidef') is a community that mainly focus in Cyber Security Incident Detection & Response, Threat Hunting, Security Hardening, Security Monitoring, Digital Forensics, Security Awareness, Security Policy, Security Leadership, etc.
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17th Cyber Defense Community Meetup

Selamat pagi teman-teman cyber defense semuanya. Menutup akhir tahun 2022, komunitas Cyber...

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Live Podcast October 2022: UB*R Breached – Lesson Learned

Halo sahabat CDEF semua, pada akhir bulan ini, CDEF akan adain acara...

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CDEF Buletin Edisi 1 – 2022

CDEF Buletin edisi 1 tahun 2022 akhirnya berhasil dirilis juga, ada banyak...

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16th Cyber Defense Community Meetup

Meetup offline pertama komunitas Cyber Defense Indonesia di tahun 2022. Disponsori oleh...

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Live Podcast: Intro to Cloud Security

Live podcast pertama di bulan ini akan membawa topik yang lagi hangat...

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15th Cyber Defense Indonesia Community Meetup

Langsung saja, meetup bulan ini akan diselenggarakan pada: Hari, Tanggal: Kamis, 31...

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